1. Alice Goodwin – The UK’s Finest

    Alice Goodwin is one of the most in demand glamour models in the UK. Originally hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, Alice and her incredible body were spotted on Bournemouth beach (which is exactly where Lucy Pinder was discovered) by Daily Star photographers. She’s since been in a few of the top lads mags – Zoo, Nuts and Maxim – and has entertained desperate men across the country on Elite TV since April 2010.

    Here are some interesting facts about Alice Goodwin:

    • Her name is searched for on Google 15,000 times every month
    • In 2009, Alice was voted Zoo’s Hottest Body of the year
    • She had a boob job in September 2009 lifting her breasts from 32F to 32FF
    • She started studying English and Education at Keele University, before she was discovered

    There isn’t a whole lot else to say about Alice, apart from she’s fit and she has gigantic breasts – quite a combination that gets UK men hot around the collar. Catch her on Elite TV (not entirely sure which nights) but probably pretty late on Channels 914 or 965.

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